Taxes & Accounting Services

All organizations need accounting services. In right system of business management and promotion in conditions of market economy the modern methods and types of applications of accounting are highlighted, which gives an opportunity to each organization to be governed more effectively. Today more and more companies are tending to actualize transaction of accounting services with the help of professional accounting companies. The latter gives an opportunity to minimize mistakes connected with accounting, to reduce expenses, connected with the service and update of accounting programs.
  • Organization of accounting
  • Tax consultation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Elaboration of policy
  • Formation of accountings, reports and presentation to state agencies
  • Formation of Annual Financial Statements
  • Internal audit
  • Tax planning
Methods of accomplishing services
  • Accounting is accomplished with the help of such computer programs as AS-Accountant or 1C. During the current year the accounting of your company will be archived and given to you in electronic form.
  • According to the agreement, our external accountant agents meet you twice a week and receive all those documents, which are necessary for accounting records.
  • Those companies which need to actualize bargains only for a day with the help of our agent, we provide our presence in your company.
  • If you wish you can do internal accounting, calculation, also inventory of values of material goods in storage for any period of time.
  • Since we have been given the accounting of your company we do internal audit in order to eliminate defects that could have been in previous accounting.
  • During the inspections by Tax inspectors, we take part in borders of our authorization and provide legal protection with the help of the lower of our company
  • We take responsibility for fines and penalties caused by the incomplete work of our company.
  • Tax planning
While signing contract with us in the contract we fix one mouth free trail period after which you decide whether to continue the contract or not.
Attached project offer
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