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You are establishing yourself and making the first steps in business. You want to avoid beginners' mistakes and you would like to learn to anticipate things, and know more than others. It is quite okay to ask yourself such questions: Am I doing the right things? What else can I do to get a guaranteed result? Constant Development offers flawless accounting and consulting as an outsourced solution. Should your accounting be done in house or outsourced to a company of professionals? A lot in business depends on this decision, so make sure you decide correctly. Doing business with Constant Development you get a team of skilled professionals at a salary of a staff accountant. There is no longer a need for equipping and maintaining a workplace, buying a computer, licensing software and various materials for your staff accountant. Working with us, you can be confident in the future, not afraid of regulatory authorities and care less about taxes and accounting. We will set up accounting, reporting and paperwork processing systems for you. In addition, you will get timely advice on taxes and duties. Our professionalism will be aimed at helping you grow your business.

Constant Development’s special offer for Start-ups:
  • Supporting during state register
  • Consulting in intellectual property protection
  • Accounting services
  • Business and investment plan development
  • Training & Coaching
The package of these services by the price of only accounting service for Start-up companies

Here are 10 reasons that every start-up should outsource (almost) everything.
  • Outsourcing lets companies be an expert in everything.
  • Outsourcing extends your business contacts.
  • Outsourcing allows for some flexibility with spending.
  • Outsourcing gives companies a chance to work with people they need but might not like.
  • Outsourcing gives employees a chance to practice their management skills.
  • Outsourcing provides a captive audience for refining a pitch.
  • Outsourcing keeps you from hiring the wrong person.
  • Outsourcing makes companies more efficient.
  • Outsourcing lets companies change direction quickly.

The only thing that should be sacred for start-ups — the one thing that should never, ever be outsourced — is that one special thing that makes the company unique. Each founder should know what that thing is for their company. That thing, whatever it may be, should never be outsourced. We hope accounting is not special thing for your company.
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