Customs brokerage service

Customs brokerage service is a rather original sphere , which is connected with the realization of external economic activity. In Armenia customs declarations can do only specialists who have appropriate qualification . The institute of customs brokers is already a long time established in the world’s developed countries, and with it’s help it minimize the contact between business and customs agencies . Constant development offers his clients a complete package of services connected with external economic activity.
  • Customs Clearance
  • Formation of customs declarations
  • Consultation about export and import
  • Consultation concerning ԱՏԳ
  • The protection of client’s rights in customs and governmental other agencies
Constant Development helps his clients to discover the best conditions for export and import. In this sphere we have specialized partners in Russia, Europe, China, India, Iran, UAE, and many countries of ԱՊՀ. Offered services are.
  • Foreign partners revelation
  • Signing agreements’ support
  • Orders formation
  • Product quality control
  • Consultation about applied banking instruments during export and import (LC, encashment, bank guarantee)
  • Cargo Insurance
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RA, Yerevan
Tpagrichner 8
Tel: +374 (10) 541133
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